Preparing for entertaining over Christmas

If you are hosting a Christmas party or are having all the family round for Christmas lunch now is the time to start doing the planning for these meals so that you have enough time to batch cook if necessary or get the freezers ready to hold all this extra food. A freezer that has been defrosted regularly will run more efficiently so run down and use up the normal food...

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Turning your leftovers into tasty meals

With most people feeling the pinch financially recently minimising your wastage really is key. One great way to do this is through ensuring none of your leftover food goes to waste. Lots of us tend to overestimate how much food is needed for a meal, meaning that lots of extra food can end up in the bin but instead why not try these quick and simple ideas to turn your...

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Raspberries are readily available and really delicious

Over the summer months raspberries can be found in abundance at pick-your-own farms, farm shops and in supermarkets. This tasty, British produced fruit is not only healthy but can also be used to make deliciously naughty mouth-watering desserts. There are plenty of different varieties of raspberry available in colours including pink, peach and yellow but all with the sweet...

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