Turning your leftovers into tasty meals

With most people feeling the pinch financially recently minimising your wastage really is key. One great way to do this is through ensuring none of your leftover food goes to waste. Lots of us tend to overestimate how much food is needed for a meal, meaning that lots of extra food can end up in the bin but instead why not try these quick and simple ideas to turn your leftovers into another meal for the family.

If you have meat and veg left over, maybe from a roast dinner or similar then making a curry the next day can be a quick easy meal. You could even buy a pre-made curry sauce to make it even quicker. Simply chop up your leftovers and warm in a pan then pour over the sauce. Once pipping hot it will be ready to serve.

Another idea for left over veg is to add it to a pasta bake, this is quick and easy and very filling too.

You could also make or buy some pastry and put together a leftover pie. You may want to make a gravy base or a white sauce for the filling then add in the cold leftovers and cook in the over with the pastry.

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