Food Preparation

Preparing for entertaining over Christmas

If you are hosting a Christmas party or are having all the family round for Christmas lunch now is the time to start doing the planning for these meals so that you have enough time to batch cook if necessary or get the freezers ready to hold all this extra food.

A freezer that has been defrosted regularly will run more efficiently so run down and use up the normal food you have stored ready to defrost the freezer. Allow a few hours for it to defrost completely then dry the inside with a towel before putting it back on and waiting until it is down to the correct temperature before putting any food in to freeze.

It is wise to make a list of the dishes you want to serve at your meal so that you can start to gather the ingredients that will keep. Items such as chestnut puree to add to stuffing and jars of goose fat for the roast potatoes can sometimes be hard to get as the festive season draws near so it is better to buy these early.

Batch cooking mince pies and other pastry items can save a lot of time and effort nearer to the time and taste just as good when warmed up in a hot oven before serving.

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