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A Kitchen Island: the Design Choice of 2021

In kitchens, as with any type of home improvement, we see certain trends come and go. One that looks set to remain well into 2021 is the kitchen island. It’s clear to see why – it’s functional, practical and oh so stylish. The island is a welcome option to many people who have a large enough kitchen and want to make the most of it. A kitchen island will... Read More

Designing the Perfect Kitchen to Cook In

Kitchens are a thing of beauty when properly installed and designed by a professional. Remember though, they’re also a practical part of the home – everybody needs space to cook and to be able to enjoy doing so with enough space and the right kitchen equipment. Kitchens should always be designed around the way you want to cook and to use them, not just in the way... Read More

Tips for Opening a Restaurant

It’s a challenging time to open a restaurant, catering business or other food related business, but with people staying at home more, there is also a lot of opportunity to find more customers. Here are some tips for opening up a new restaurant: Stick to what you know. If you specialise in a particular type of cuisine, cook it. You will build up a reputation for... Read More

Pairing Food with Wine

Food and wine complement each other, with some wines being perfect for a fish course, some suiting certain types of meat, and others being dessert wines. Pairing foods with the right wines can enhance the culinary experience and make eating even more enjoyable for you. Many restaurants will offer wine flights, where the food is matched up to different wines to bring out the... Read More

Buying a New Set of Pans

Pans are the cornerstone of your catering business. Without them, you will struggle to successfully cook the majority of dishes – most will require pan frying at some stage. Having good quality pans that will serve you (and your guests!) well is an essential part of building up your restaurant or catering business. Choosing pans isn’t easy, there are many... Read More