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The Delicious Method of Cooking Up Pancakes – Recipe

It’s soon to be approaching shrove Tuesday and that means, Pancake Day! Millions of us across the United Kingdom enjoy a pancake or two (or three) which is a tradition that has been celebrated for years. In today’s posting I’ll be looking at what the perfect recipe is for making delicious pancakes, especially in the American style / way which essentially means extra syrup and sugar!

TO start things off weigh out 500g of flour and add 1 egg and 250ml of milk. Begin to stir until the mixture is a creamy, yet watery like consistency. It is highly important that you keep stiring until all of the lumps are out of the pancake so you don’t end up with small areas of where flour hasn’t yet quite been mixed into the mixture. Then place a ladle amount on a frying pan and heat gently until golden brown. Flip and repeat and hey presto! Pankcakes!