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Making Seafood Linguine

Seafood linguine is one of the best seafood dishes that you can make, in my humble opinion. It is a fairly simple dish to make and prepare, provided you make some basic shortcuts and can be finished in as short as 20 minutes.

Your first step is to fry some vegetables. Usually, these will just consist of onions and garlic, but you can add some chilli peppers and bell peppers for a sweet and spicy kick to the dish. Once everything has been fried sufficiently, you will want to add 2 cans of chopped tomatoes along with a litre of vegetable/chicken stock. After that has been brought to a simmer, you will then need to add your linguine, which you will want to cook for another 5-10 minutes, stirring regularly to avoid sticking and to check for the degree to which they are cooked. Lastly, you will need to add your seafood.

With the seafood, you have a bit of a choice to make. You can choose a mixed bag of frozen and cooked seafood, containing prawns, mussels and scallops, or you can purchase fresh seafood that is either prepared or unprepared. I would recommend the prepared fresh seafood, although that will require you cooking it. To do this, the best way would be to fry the fish, perhaps in a bit of the chicken stock until they’re fully cooked. At that point, you just add it to the rest of the dish for a couple of minutes and then serve. If you buy the mixed bag, the frying portion of the process is unnecessary and you just need to add it to the rest of the dish straight away and wait for it to warm through.