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The Magic Of Timeless Tea Cups

If there’s one beverage that stands the test of time, it’s ‘tea’. A cup of tea makes every morning and every evening a celebration of sorts. An ardent tea fan understands the ageless romance between tea and tea cups. The cup that holds the delicate beverage needs to complement it to the last drop. Welcome to the world of Vintage cups, a world that gives... Read More

Kitchen Appliances

Microwaveable Rice Cooker – £6.99 is a perfect present for people in a rush

When it comes to preparing good, home cooked food after a long days work, many people give up on the idea. The process of having to chop up fresh vegetables, prepare and wash particular items of food that are being used in the dish you’re preparing is a big turn off for many, especially for the likes of cooking rice, which can, in some cases of the type of rice used, take up... Read More

Kitchen Appliances

Electric Tin Opener – Useful information when looking to purchase

Tin openers over the last few decades have evolved to make it easier for users to open tins and eat the deliciousness contained inside tins of food. Cheap and cheerful tin openers will see them last only a few months before they are unable to perform or break > These kinds of models are typically designed for the student market where buying tins and food in bulk, such as... Read More

Kitchen Appliances

Gas Hobbs – Awful to clean especially if they are made from Stainless Steel

Cooking on Gas works well. People who cook with gas do have many good recommendations on how the heat from the gas ring is transferred instantly to the pot or pan compared to that of the conventional electric ring where they sometimes take in essence of 15 minutes to heat up. This can cause issue for people who are either in a rush or for people who need to have instant heat... Read More

Kitchen Appliances

Craft Beer

Craft beer is a growing phenomenon around the western world, with many people who enjoy a beer turning to craft beer to get a unique flavour and something which is less manufactured in flavour. Craft beer operations are small in scale, typically producing only a few hundred bottles in one batch, often in a beer enthusiasts cellar or garage. They use simple technology, which... Read More