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Pairing Food with Wine

Food and wine complement each other, with some wines being perfect for a fish course, some suiting certain types of meat, and others being dessert wines. Pairing foods with the right wines can enhance the culinary experience and make eating even more enjoyable for you. Many restaurants will offer wine flights, where the food is matched up to different wines to bring out the... Read More


Buying a New Set of Pans

Pans are the cornerstone of your catering business. Without them, you will struggle to successfully cook the majority of dishes – most will require pan frying at some stage. Having good quality pans that will serve you (and your guests!) well is an essential part of building up your restaurant or catering business. Choosing pans isn’t easy, there are many... Read More


What to Look for in Catering Equipment

The equipment you choose as a catering professional will help you to produce the right results for your clients, delivering delicious food every time. If you have a good stock of equipment that you can take with you to your catering events, or you cook from your own kitchen, then you will be prepared for all situations and menus. These are the most important points for... Read More


Working in a Commercial Kitchen

Caterers and chefs will often have to work in commercial kitchens, working around other members of kitchen staff and using the equipment that is available there. This can pose significant challenges, even affecting the quality of your work if you find yourself without the means of cooking and preparing food in the way you would like. It might be a good plan to have lots... Read More


Training for a Career in Cookery

Years ago, cookery used to mean baking cakes and perhaps diversifying to cook a few savoury dishes as well. You can now do so much more than that, learning about anything from being a chef in a busy pub kitchen to high-end patisserie. If cooking is your passion, why not make it into your career as well? The easiest first step is to go to a catering or cooking college, where... Read More