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Finding Catering Equipment to Rent

As a caterer, you won’t be able to have everything you need for every single job. This means that you will either need to buy some additional equipment or hire it out from an events hire company. Often, hiring can be more cost-effective, because as a caterer rather than an events planner, you can’t be expected to have everything.

You will need to find the right catering equipment hire company for you. There are many different companies that offer these kinds of services, and they might be anything from freestanding ovens and cookers, to cutlery and plates. Some hire companies will be able to hire out everything, and it might be worth forging relationships with these companies, because they may be able to give you discounts for being a loyal customer.

It is also important you establish what you will need ahead of the event because this will give you time to source the catering equipment you need.