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Cooking for Two When There’s Just You?

Nobody likes to cook decent meals when they are just cooking for themselves, it seems to be a lot more troublesome and food may normally get wasted. You could say that you don’t have time too cook during the week and for just one person there is little point to healthy eating.

But rather than find excuses, why not just cook for two people anyway and put the other half in a container and freeze for later?┬áThere are a wide range of different things that you can put together in your spare time and cook them up in advance for the week ahead; it will save time in the long run, and you can kick back and eat a healthy meal you made, rather than a ready meal with dodgy ingredients that you are unfamiliar with or don’t like.

If you have a recipe book handy and can cook, have a go at what you know or think you can make that can be frozen and easily heated up later when you need something quick.