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Christmas Parties – it’s Time to Get Planning

Christmas party season might seem a long way off to you, but in the eyes of an events planner, it is just around the corner! Christmas is the biggest time of year and is something that will need to be thought about well in advance if you want to secure the best venues, the best food and the right party planners to plan it. If you are based somewhere close to some good Christmas party venues, these are going to get booked up too and you might be forced to go somewhere further afield. If this isn’t something you want, then get planning your party as soon as you can and make sure you secure the right venues and the right deals for your staff.

Christmas parties are so important. They aren’t just the chance for your office staff to have a few too many glasses of wine – they are a chance to come together as a team and celebrate your achievements form the year that has just passed. They are very important for staff morale – if you sell your party to the staff in the right way, then it will be clear to them that it is a big thank you for all of their hard work. This is so important for people, as they know they are doing a good job. It doesn’t have to be the most flashy part, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it does have to show that you have thought about it and that you care.

The venue is the most important part of the party. A good venue makes everything else much easier for you. You should think about local hotels, bars and nightclubs that might be available for parties. Some large venue will also host their own parties where you can book a place, so it is like a shared party but you get the atmosphere of lots of people. And it will feel much more exclusive than having a few drinks at your local pub!

Choose a Christmas party venue that is going to be convenient for your staff. If the venue is too far away from where they live, make sure you have sorted transport. You could think about hiring a minivan for a few of you, or you might want to arrange private taxis for your staff. You should also think about them staying over in hotels – whilst this is going to cost more, it will make the experience much more pleasant. You should choose a hotel that is close by and book it at the same time as the party because rooms will be in high demand.

Talk to a party planner or events manager about your party in plenty of time and see if they can source the right venue for you. They will have years of experience in finding party venues and sourcing the best options for particular businesses. They will listen to your requirements, and might even be able to save you money because they will get booking discounts and preferable rates.