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Making Seafood Linguine

Seafood linguine is one of the best seafood dishes that you can make, in my humble opinion. It is a fairly simple dish to make and prepare, provided you make some basic shortcuts and can be finished in as short as 20 minutes. Your first step is to fry some vegetables. Usually, these will just consist of onions and garlic, but you can add some chilli peppers and bell peppers... Read More


Spaghetti Atterrati Recipe By Jamie Oliver

If you’re looking for a tasty Italian recipe by Jamie Oliver that cooks in 30 minutes, then read on. To start, gather the main ingredients for the dish from your local supermarket, but select the finest quality ingredients you can find; the best places to go for the finest quality ingredients are Sainsbury’s or Waitrose (you can also use Ocado online shop who... Read More


Creating the Perfect Beef Lasagne for Friends and Family – Recipe

When it comes to catering for friends and family, their is nothing else I would recommend than a good creamy beef lasange. It is easy to prepare, easy to serve (ish) and is a cost effective method of being able to feed a large family or group of friends. To being, start off with 500g of beef mince. Fry into the frying pan until golden brown. Add chopped tomatoes, garlic,... Read More


The Delicious Method of Cooking Up Pancakes – Recipe

It’s soon to be approaching shrove Tuesday and that means, Pancake Day! Millions of us across the United Kingdom enjoy a pancake or two (or three) which is a tradition that has been celebrated for years. In today’s posting I’ll be looking at what the perfect recipe is for making delicious pancakes, especially in the American style / way which essentially means extra... Read More


Risotto – Healthier Versions with Low Calorific Intake

Risotto is a typical north Italian Rice dish which is cooked into a broth that is described as a creamy consistency. Generally this broth can be part of a stock cube flavoured by meat, fish or vegetable elements. The typical Italian Risotto normally contains high amount of butter and wine, making it quite a calorific meal for people who are looking to watch the fat and calorie... Read More