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Buying a New Set of Pans

Pans are the cornerstone of your catering business. Without them, you will struggle to successfully cook the majority of dishes – most will require pan frying at some stage. Having good quality pans that will serve you (and your guests!) well is an essential part of building up your restaurant or catering business.

Choosing pans isn’t easy, there are many options. The temptation might be to hire, but this probably isn’t the best idea, as you will find that you are using something different each time and some will be incredibly below your expectations. It’s also the kind of basic equipment that you will get used to, so it could be very difficult for you to chop and change between different frying pans, saucepans etc. You may also find that not every restaurant or venue has everything you need, which can be highly problematic. Invest now, and it will be a great decision for your business.