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Are you Competitive Enough to be a Chef?

Working as a chef is one of the most aspirational careers in the catering and food industry. It is a career choice that is made by many highly competitive, driven and talented cooks who want to share their passion and skills with the world. If may be rewarding but it is certainly going to be difficult.

Having a catering of cooking qualification will help in your ambitions to become a chef. You will also need to pass food hygiene courses. This is just the beginning though, as it is a long hard road to becoming a successful chef.

The hours are one of the factors that end up putting people off. Chefs work long, unsociable hours in a pressurised environment. However, if you try working in a kitchen and love it, being a chef could definitely work for you. Look into ways to begin your training, or work in a restaurant kitchen and work your way up.